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Development and production over the years the company is committed to a variety of livestock and poultry, aquatic products series of premix products, has developed a "pig champion, chicken Professor Zhengchang, duck commander, fish, and other characteristics of a series of premix, natural plant extracts Flourishing additives, fermentation of peptide and protein and milk replacer, whey powder and other products.
First through ISO9001, ISO22000 authentication enterprise
Companies in the industry took the lead through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system and ISO22000:2005 food safety management system certification; for many enterprises lack of high-grade feed feed formulation technology, competitiveness of feed products lack, widely used in developed countries the United States imported Zhengchang Brill feed formulation technology, service technology scientific formula, efficient and timely for customer, to win customers trust and praise.
Ideal substitute for feeding antibiotics
As early as the patented product of natural plant extracts to 1999 Zhengchang self-developed Zhengchang Flourishing, as the ideal substitute for antibiotics are widely used in aquaculture. Zhengchang Flourishing series of premix was China green food development center recommended as the "green food production".
Green food production -- Zhengchang Flourishing premix production base
Zhengchang feed science and technology research and development of Zhengchang Flourishing pig, chicken, duck, fish compound premix is recommended for green food development center China "green food production", and through the inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Jiangsu province audit, obtained the "export of edible animal forage feed production enterprise registration certificate".
Have a strong technical R & D and service team
The team was led by Mr. Luo Congyan, the senior stockholder and the young science and technology leader of the "333 talent project" in Jiangsu. Team structure optimization, by animal nutrition, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, feed production, aquaculture, business management, marketing planning and other multi-disciplinary talents to reach 90%, bachelor degree or above, experience the innovation of service marketing team members can provide abundant, sustainable and efficient differentiated value-added services and feed enterprise system solutions.
With the domestic leading level testing and Testing Center
The company has the domestic leading level testing and testing center. The center is equipped with an atomic absorption spectrophotometer, high performance liquid chromatograph and other precision testing equipment. The center is headed by a senior technician and has many years of experience in industrial inspection. It can provide customers with comprehensive and accurate product testing, raw material analysis, technical training and other services.
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