High protein acidified whey powder
High protein acidified whey powder

Zhengchang high protein acidified whey powder, is the use of high-quality raw materials by microbial fermentation and low temperature spray drying and other advanced technology made. Is a high-energy, high-lactic acid, high digestibility of saccharification and fermentation, especially suitable for weaning transition piglets use, at this stage can completely replace the use of imported whey powder.

Product composition

      Rich in digestible protein, high in soluble sugars, L-lactic acid and lactic acid bacteria fermented in large quantities, in addition to being able to quickly provide energy, but also to strengthen the function of three kinds of functional additives ─ acidifier, probiotics and enzyme preparation, is a cost-effective Products, suitable for use in high-base feed, is the ideal raw material for the transitional piglet feed before and after weaning!

      High content of dairy products
      High-content dairy products provide high-quality milk protein and lactose, while further reducing the intestinal pH, inhibit diarrhea at the same time, improve the body's immune system, and promote the synthesis of immunoglobulin. In addition, to increase the palatability of the diet, can stimulate the appetite of piglets, improve feed intake.

      Natural fermentation of lactic acid
      Zhengchang high protein acidified whey powder contains more than 10% lactic acid, lactic acid is a high molecular weight organic acids, acidifier is the best raw material, it can directly acidify the gastrointestinal environment, make up for natural gas in young animals lack of gastric acid secretion, activation of gastrointestinal digestion Enzyme activity, give full play to gastrointestinal digestive function, improve feed utilization, lactic acid also has the role of inhibiting and killing harmful bacteria, the use of high protein acidified whey powder can effectively prevent nutrition and bacterial diarrhea

      Rich in digestive enzymes
      A large number of digestive enzymes, such as amylases, saccharifying enzymes, proteases, and peptidases, are produced during the special microbial process of Zhengchang high-protein acidified whey powder, which can effectively compensate for the deficiency of digestive enzymes in weaned piglets and reduce the amount of weaning produced Excitement, greatly improving the feed conversion rate, reduce farming costs.

      Rich in natural Lactobacillus
      Zhengchang high protein acidified whey powder using low temperature drying means, the product reserves rich Lactobacillus acidophilus, etc. They are specially selected acid and heat-resistant bacteria in the young animal digestive tract play a special balance regulation, Better control of diarrhea in young animals, it is reported that probiotics stimulate the intestinal immune antibodies, so that the disease greatly reduced.

      Effective control of piglets diarrhea
      The lactase content of suckling pigs began to decrease after 21 days of age and was the lowest until about 42 days of age. Therefore, the ability of lactating piglets to use suckling pigs has greatly decreased when weaning pigs are in the vicinity. Although the beginning of amylase and lipase secretion began to increase, but still not enough, suckling pigs can not make full use of starch and fat, this time to feed the weaned suckling pigs can easily lead to indigestion and diarrhea caused by diarrhea nutrition. The proper addition of Zhengchang acidified whey powder to the milk pig chute and transition material can match the composition of the food with the digestive enzyme in the body to improve the digestion, absorption and utilization of the diet and effectively control the occurrence of nutritional diarrhea.

Product traits

      Light yellow powder with a liquid, sweet sour milk with a pH ≤ 4.5. No caking, easy granulation.

Recommended usage and dosage

      Grooved piglets feed (7-21 days old)      10~20%
      Transitional piglet material (21 - 42 days old)     5~10%
      Nursing suckling material (42 - 63 days old))     2~5%




      Store in a cool dry place


      1 and other types of feed additives used at the same time, to do consulting work;
      2. The ingredients should be mixed step by step, stir, and strictly follow the company recommended formula for use;
      3. Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place, open the bag within the specified shelf life as soon as possible;
      4. As a result of changes in carrier caused inconsistent appearance, does not affect the use of effect;
      5. If there are special requirements, Zhengchang can provide customized products upon request.

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