Probiotics of Opti Biogen 3267
Probiotics of Opti Biogen 3267

Shuichanbanlv3267B-The use of Biological Sciences Dr. China manufacturing innovation center team long-term cultivation and careful selection of quality for probiotic strains, through the full closed high density liquid submerged fermentation technology, combined with the mixed feed additives for water quality science and water ecology, biological engineering technology made. This product has a clean water environment, improve water quality, phagostimulating promote growth, enhance immunity etc.

Main components

      Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bacillus subtilis, yeast, bioactive factors and so on. Active bacteria content≥1×1012CFU/Kg.


Product features

      1, stable quality: Aquatic partner 3267B strains used in biological sciences from Chinese manufacturing team innovation center, the bacterial physiological and biochemical experiments, BIOLOG identification and 16sRNA molecular identification technology, after a long period of acclimation and careful selection, it has high stability and biological activity. At the same time, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 and HACCP quality management system requirements for production, to ensure the stability of the product.
      2, in accordance with the quality of scientific and reasonable compatibility: water ecology, biological engineering technology, the perfect combination of Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bacillus subtilis and yeast, three kinds of beneficial complement each other, synergies, improve water quality, water purification, phagostimulating promote growth, enhance immunity.
      3, the technology is unique: the whole closed high density liquid submerged fermentation process is adopted. All the equipment is closed system and cleaned with disinfectant before use and sterilized with high temperature steam. In the whole fermentation process, there is no material exchange between real time sampling and real-time feeding, so as to avoid contamination of mixed bacteria or impurities to the maximum extent.
      4, advanced equipment: the full automatic stainless steel fermenting tank equipment, the whole process computer control, the fermentation process is good visibility, high control precision, good flexibility.

22.jpg     5. High safety: the source of the strain is clear, and the host is homologous to the host, and there is no toxicity and side effects to the animals.

Functional effect

      1. to improve water quality: three kinds of bacteria in the body can improve the utilization of protein ingredients in feed rate, inhibition of spoilage microorganisms breeding, reducing ammonia and other substances produced corruption, so as to improve the water environment; degradation in vitro could participate in the organic matter, ammonia oxidation, play, nitrosation, nitration, vulcanization, the role of nitrogen fixation, secretion of extracellular enzymes, eliminate organic in water, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful substances, reduce the chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biological oxygen demand (BOD), indirect increase in dissolved oxygen in water, improve water environment.
      2. phagostimulating growth: This product can stimulate animal feeding on the diet; can produce amylase, lipase and protease digestion enzymes, help digestion of animal feed, improve the utilization rate of feed and promote animal growth;
      3., enhance immunity and reduce diseases. It can produce or contain antibacterial substances and various immune promoting factors, activate the body's immune system, and strengthen the body's stress response mechanism, thereby enhancing immunity and disease resistance, and reducing the risk of disease.
      4.: it became the dominant species after the bacteria can multiply rapidly and become the dominant population, and harmful bacteria for space and nutrients, the harmful bacteria in the unfavorable environment, inhibit its growth and reproduction, while improving the microbial diversity in the sediment and water, improve water environment.

Applicable object

      Aquaculture ponds or other aquaculture waters of sea or freshwater animals.

Usage and dosage

      (1) it is not recommended to use in cloudy and rainy days. It is best to use all the sunny days for two days before and after.
      (2) germicidal insecticides could not be used for 12 hours before and after the use of aquatic companion 3267B.
      (3) the incidence is best not to use 3267B water pond aquaculture fish disease control to mate, considering the use of.
      (4) it should be activated before use. Methods: using tap water or well water activation after exposure for activated water, aquatic partner 3267B: water ratio of 1:40, stirring evenly on the pond activation 12~15 hours, at the same time every kilograms of aquatic partner 3267B with half a catty of brown sugar and a pound of feed.
      (5) stir every 3 hours during the activation period.
      (6) after activation, select in the sunny morning 10 point average spill pool.
      (7) when used, the oxygen increasing machine is opened in advance for 2 hours, and the oxygen increasing machine can be added as much as possible after use.
      (8) the use of 6~8 mu per kilogram, the first use of 4~5 mu, followed by 10~15 days to adhere to.

Packaging specification

      Packing:1.0 kg、10.0 kg、20.0 kg.
      Storage: in a cool, ventilated and dry room, it is not allowed to be stored with toxic and harmful substances.
      Shelf life: 12 months.


      1 And other types of feed additives used at the same time, to do consulting work;
      2. The ingredients should be mixed step by step, stir, and strictly follow the company recommended formula for use;
      3. Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place, open the bag within the specified shelf life as soon as possible;
      4. As a result of changes in carrier caused inconsistent appearance, does not affect the use of effect;
      5. If there are special requirements, Zhengchang can provide customized products upon request.

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