Probiotics of Opti Biogen 3257
Probiotics of Opti Biogen 3257

Junlebao3257-Biological fermentation feed special fermentation agent is the use of Biological Sciences Dr. China manufacturing innovation center team long-term domestication and careful breeding and host quality homologous probiotics strains by closed high density liquid immersion drying, fermentation technology and international leading low temperature dormancy, microencapsulated technology, mixed feed additives and animal nutrition, the intestinal micro ecology and biotechnology made. Use this product to produce fermented feed with less investment, easy operation, fermentation feed is not only rich in nutrition, green and safe, no drug residue, no resistance and innocuity, and has the smell of acid aroma, palatability, eating animal feeding, simple and convenient, time-saving and labor-saving, high digestibility.

Main components

      High active compound lactic acid bacteria, yeast, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus subtilis and their probiotic medium. Living bacteria content≥1×1013CFU/Kg.

Fermentation ratio

      Water: 300-500 kilos
      Fermented raw material: 1000 kilos

Use scheme

      1. bacterium solution preparation: the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhengchang feed technology joint research and development of the bacteria, brown sugar, 3257 Lebao add the required amount of water mixing, spare. The bacteria should be activated for 2 hours and stirred every 15 minutes. The liquid should be used according to the amount, and do not store the night. Remark: water, which requires no chlorine - containing tap water (for example, 3 hours to be aerated with tap water) or clean groundwater. The recommended temperature is at 30~40 C, the water temperature is too high, and the bacteria in the 3257 bacteria are killed, and the water temperature is too low, which will inhibit the growth of bacteria and affect the later fermentation process.
      2., mixing material: according to the fermentation formula, weigh all kinds of ingredients (adjust the formula according to needs), then mix the above bacteria liquid with water mixing machine and fermentation raw material. If there is no water mixer, according to the following steps: according to weighing various raw materials with good fermentation formula for mixing evenly, shop to clean the floor, and then the fermentation liquid is uniformly sprinkled onto the material surface with shovels and other tools will be mixed evenly. The final moisture of the fermentation is controlled in 35~45%.
      3. bagging fermentation: the evenly stirred material loaded with respiratory membrane special fermentation bag, and try to eliminate air bag, plastic bag fermentation processing, packaging bag cover on the 5 as a stack, stack horizontally in the fermentation chamber, the fermentation chamber is sealed insulation room (the installation of air conditioning or steam. In the Unwin hygrometer) after 5~10 days of fermentation, the seal can be used.

Process parameters

      1., fermented raw materials: it is suggested that some low price raw materials such as corn byproducts should be fermented for special purpose. According to the requirements of raw material quality and final products, different fermentation strains can be made.
      2., the amount of each batch added: according to the formulation and production process, we determined the amount of each batch added to the fermented raw material evenly and mixed evenly, and the starting material temperature should be above 30 C.
      3., fermentation container selection: special fermentation bag with respiratory membrane, according to the production conditions, anaerobic or facultative anaerobic fermentation. The fermentation bag bag mouth is best able to be encapsulated.
      4. fermentation temperature: room temperature or constant temperature environment.
      5., the fermentation time is: the environment temperature is constant 35-40 degrees, the fermentation period is 48-72 hours, the temperature is below 35 degrees, the fermentation period will be extended appropriately. According to the external temperature, the fermentation time will be properly adjusted, and it will ferment for 5~7 days in summer and autumn, and 7~10 days in winter and spring.
      6.: after fermentation (A such as direct use, in the full price of material production in the whole package is directly put into mixer for mixing (such as B for sale in the market, after the end of fermentation with bags for packaging, fermentation sealed wet material can be stored for one month after the opening, to end as soon as possible.

Packaging specification

      Packing:1.0 kg、10.0 kg、20.0 kg.
      Storage: in a cool, ventilated and dry room, it is not allowed to be stored with toxic and harmful substances.
      Shelf life: 3 months, the lower the temperature, the longer the storage time.


      1 And other types of feed additives used at the same time, to do consulting work;
      2. The ingredients should be mixed step by step, stir, and strictly follow the company recommended formula for use;
      3. Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place, open the bag within the specified shelf life as soon as possible;
      4. As a result of changes in carrier caused inconsistent appearance, does not affect the use of effect;
      5. If there are special requirements, Zhengchang can provide customized products upon request.

Product positioning service
Early in the design of products, technical service personnel in conjunction with Zhengchang partners will be fully exhaustive research on the market, collect data, detailed understanding of market demand and competitor situation, a careful analysis of the pros and cons of partners, combined with the operating conditions, for their own development strategies, market partners tailored product positioning and promotion plan.
Formula optimization service
Combined with more than 20 years of formula practice experience, we use the BRILL software of the us to design and optimize the feeding plan according to the changes of customer production technology, raw materials, season, breeding environment and breeding stage.
Raw material purchase service
In direct trade with many well-known domestic raw materials manufacturers, the intermediate links are few and the delivery time is short. Using the advantage of the group procurement, it provides the forage enterprises with the purchase and purchase service and consultation service.
Inspection and laboratory service
It provides testing and testing services for raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products. Laboratory indicators include not only routine indicators, but also trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. The test data are efficient and accurate.
Assisting the green declaration service
Green premixture with green food production information is provided to assist partners to complete the green food declaration service.
Premix processing and custom service
If you have a sales team
Product survey → Market positioning → Products suitable for market → Determination of processing scheme → Continuous service
If you have a feed factory
Understanding of stock raw materials → Combined with production equipment and process → Custom-made formula → Fixed processing scheme → Continuous service
If you have a farm
Understanding of the stage of breed aquaculture → Customizing formula → Providing fine culture scheme → Determining processing scheme → Continuous service
Personnel service
The use of the human resources department Zhengchang strong recruitment network, cooperative enterprises employ general workers, quality control personnel, technical personnel and production management personnel and other talents.
Good project Cooperative Development Service
If you have an industry of new technologies and new products, or foreign projects will use the advantages of the group Zhengchang and foreign resources for you, to help the common development partners.
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